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Reuse & Recycle

Make the Most of Your Insulated Tote/Box Liner!
We encourage you as our customer to reuse/repurpose the Insulation liners in any of the following ways:
  • Transporting temperature sensitive groceries from the store to home (ice creams/frozen goods or hot/ready made goods like rotisserie chicken)
  • Temperature sensitive medication during car travel
  • Situate it inside a reusable bag or picnic basket to take your snacks/drinks to the park, beach or any other outdoor adventure
  • Use for packing/moving needs to protect glass or fragile items
  • Cut up as desired to use for shipping of glass or fragile items… a great replacement for packing peanuts!
Care & Cleaning
  • Once they are opened a time or two the tape may become less sticky… we suggest that after loading, utilize a clear packing tape, which will secure & also easily remove.
  • The liners are easily cleaned if need be with soap and water, alcohol, bleach or even quaternary ammonia if you need them sterilized to carry any temp sensitive medication.
Our Insulated tote/box liners are classified as #7 recyclable – which most curbside pickups will not accept*. Both materials used to fabricate these liners, polyethylene bubble and metalized polyester film, have been laminated together and are recyclable individually by separating them.
In order to properly recycle with at home pickup, please
separate the (2) liners by pulling them apart.
*We encourage customers to check with their local municipality as recycling capabilities may vary.
Should you choose to throw them away for landfill, there are a few points below we like to share to help better understand how this liner is the best choice and maintains an eco-friendly carbon footprint:
  • The reflective/bubble material that the liners are made from is very thin at 3/16” nominal thickness
  • The bubbles can also be compacted/popped
  • The above (2) points mean less space is taken up in our landfills
  • Taking up considerably less space inside shipping boxes, they reduce the outer dimensional weight of the shipping carton when compared to EPS foam or other insulated boxes