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We are different

Freshly brewed chai & coffee. Free of stabilizers and preservatives, full of convenience. Made to order & delivered to your door.

We do the brewing, you do the drinking.


Customer Love

"WHO DOESN'T LOVE CHAI? SO GOOD! - Chai Assamica and croissants are my go to breakfast! I'm pregnant and I love this coffee substitute. I'm obsessed. It just taste sooooooo delicious. If you are a coffee person or if you're not a coffee person, you'll love this drink."

Kamilla S

"DELICIOUS!! - I love Kimbala Coffee a la Jaggery and Kimbala Chai. The products are thoughtfully produced and made with love and care. When enjoying their products you can taste the difference between something from a chain coffee store and their specialty drinks, the flavors are very unique and tasty!"

Sidney S