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About Kimbala


In Sanskrit Kimbala translates to, “what is your strength” or “what strength do you possess.” Caring for those we encounter is a natural way of life. Unconditional care requires strength and we knew ours stemmed from kindness – it is the foundation of the paths we walk and Kimbala is the question we asked, not only to share a piece of our true selves, but also to learn about you and yours!

Our logo is a “;” semicolon and is intended to act as a reminder to pause and remind yourself of the strength you own and how you will use it. Take that moment of pause to reflect and enjoy what/who surrounds you. The elephant as part of our semicolon represents that strong but kind member of the animal kingdom; reminding us of our “strength in kindness.”



With Kimbala we share a true respect for authentic flavors found in the chai and coffee of India. Our coffee is selected from communities who grow in the Western Ghats, (Nilgiris Mountains) in the state of Karnataka, India. These local families have passed on the culture of coffee through multiple generations; continuously perfecting their art.

Our Tea leaves are sourced from select estates in the Assam region of Eastern India. This selection is based not only on overall quality of the estate but also, one that lives and breathes dedication to the processing of their tea leaves.

Premium spices are sourced from areas in India that specialize in the production.

Ultimately, whether it be sourcing ingredients or the production process of our chai and coffee, we aim for the highest quality possible to achieve and represent an authentic taste of India.



Our commitment and unlimited passion for representing the proper chai and delicious premium coffee from India, uprooted us from Bay Area, CA and brought us to Austin, TX; to sow the seed of Kimbala. Nurturing Kimbala into something fruitful and bringing the true essence of chai and coffee from India to America, is our mission. We look forward to writing the Kimbala story here in Austin.